Joplin, MO — a useful model for recovery

Joplin as a model recovery example and one of the useful features of their efforts is the exemplary website the city has produced; see:

I ran across it while trying to determine how Joplin is doing two years after its devastating tornado disaster event.  See this Fact Sheet for basic info re Joplin the damage, impacts, and outcomes of recovery.

I wish every city engaged in disaster recovery did this.  We would finally have the basis for some serious case studies, and cross case comparisons needed to build a significant recovery knowledge base.

1 thought on “Joplin, MO — a useful model for recovery

  1. Claire,

    Thank you for acknowledging the job Joplin is doing in recovery. We still have a long way to go, but we have come a very long way over the past two years. Our community has come together and supported each other in a way I have never witnessed before. Although I was not born and raised here, I am very proud to call Joplin home. We are well aware we continue to have the world’s eyes upon us. I hope nothing more than we are doing our community, our state, and our nation proud!

    Today, many of us in our community are reaching out to try and help those following our footsteps in disaster. Myself personally, I have joined a wonderful recovery family known as Stars of HOPE. Many others in our community have joined a number of other organizations and movements as we do everything we can to help others recover during their time of need. Unfortunately, disasters appear to be occurring more and more frequently. Many of us in Joplin simply want to do our part of paying forward the kindness and generosity so unbelievably and unselfishly shared with us during our time of need.

    Thank you again for your interest in following Joplin. Hopefully, we will do all our fellow Americans proud as we continue to move forward in our recovery process.

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