About the Turndown for a Presidential Declaration in West, TX

English: Seal of Texas

I get a bit weary of the whining from politicians in states like TX and OK, who are anti-government and in particular hostile to the federal government.  Yet,when a disaster occurs in their state, the politicians go for every federal dollar they can identify.

Recently, the State of TX was turned down for a declaration regarding the fertilizer plant in the community of West. That was a truly tragic event, but several protective public actions, such as zoning, government inspections, and the existence of the Local Emergency Planning Council might have helped avoid the tragic explosion.

The official explanation for the turndown is as follows:

Texas’ request for Stafford Act Major Disaster Declaration was denied because there was no evidence presented that the State of Texas lacked the fiscal resources to address the remaining $17 million in estimated uninsured public infrastructure restoration costs arising from the tragic explosion in West,” according to a statement from FEMA officials.

One more explanation of the turndown process, June 23 in the NY Times.

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