Recovery Planning Guide for Transportation Disasters

A newly issued report from the Transportation Research Board (of the National Academy of Sciences) is a useful addition to the recovery literature. Its full title is A Pre-Event Recovery Planning Guide for Transportation; the full document is 207 pages, but the body of the text is 60 pages. A Power Point slide set is also available, which is handy for educators and trainers.

Although aimed at transportation disaster events, and focused on their impacts and effects on infrastructure, it is a useful document generally regarding the recovery process.

The prose is more readable than most FEMA documents, and the document offers a literature review and some case studies.  I would like to have seen both of those features enhanced, since both are relatively thin in my view. But, at least they make a contribution.

The document includes a chart on elements of the recovery process, done by the Diva ( p.6) in 1985.

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