9/11 – Remembrances and Assessments

English: 9/11 Commision Report cover. Español:...Re the memory of the events of 9/11/2011, see this NYT article titled Homeland Confusion. [Thanks to Bill Cumming for calling this article to my attention.]

(1) The editorial mentions a new report to be released today from the 9/11 Commission chairs and other members of a blue-ribbon panel. The title is Streamlining and Consolidating Congressional Oversight of the U.S. DHS, and I think this is a very significant report.  It has taken several hours, but here is the full, 28-page report. [Thanks to Tom Antush.]

(2) Also, this morning there will be a Senate Hearing on Challenges and Achievements since 911.

(3) Personal Observation: The EM and HS communities have not become integrated over the past 12 years and probably never will be.  The Diva just came from a one-day meeting on counter-terrorism, sponsored by the START program at Univ. of MD.  Of the roughly 200 people in attendance, the Diva did not recognize a single person. And she knows a lot of people in both communities!

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