Resilience Within the DHS Workforce – new report from the NAS

One again the folks at the HSDL have a jump on a new report, so I will share their abstract and URLs. The full report. titled Resilience Within the Department of Homeland Security Workforce, is 330 pages, so you may want to download the TOC or the summary version.

From the HSDL blog:

This report stresses the importance of strong leadership, communication, measurement, and evaluation in the organization and recommends content for a 5-year plan that will promote centralized strategic direction and resource investment to improve readiness and resilience at the department. While all DHS component agencies share a common mission, each have distinct roles with different stressors attached, making implementation of an organization-wide resilience or wellness program difficult. The recommendations of ‘A Ready and Resilient Workforce for the Department of Homeland Security’ outline how DHS can focus its efforts on creating a common culture of workforce readiness and resilience, while recognizing the distinct, proud, celebrated cultures of its component agencies.

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