“Rebuilding for resilience; fortifying infrastructure to withstand disaster”

This excellent report provides some useful guidance and weaves in case examples nicely. The report was written the by firm PWC, but the download location is Prevention web.   Note that you have a choice of components to download when you request the report. From the introduction::

This report extends the focus of the UNISDR-PwC initiative, looking specifically at the long-term opportunity for public-private sector collaboration in building or rebuilding risk-resilient infrastructure. It describes why building disaster-resilient infrastructure is critical for a region’s competitiveness, both nationally and globally. It also illustrates how the private sector can offer innovative solutions to help communities build or rebuild disaster-resilient infrastructure.

The report explores in depth six key recommendations: (i) focus on preparedness, prevention, and mitigation now; (ii) foster collaboration across public and private sectors; (iii) motivate community-wide engagement; (iv) coordinate across regional boundaries; (v) encourage resilient recovery with optimal incentives; and (vi) build back stronger and smarter. The findings in this report are relevant for cities, regions, and businesses the world over as they prepare to face the growing risks of natural disaster, compounded by the mounting challenges of the 21st century—as well as for those currently rebuilding.

Practical note: be sure to print off in best quality setting to ensure readability.

Thanks to Ed Metz for calling this report to my attention.

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