Rebuilding Issues in Colorado: questions re how and if to rebuild

From the Christian Science Monitor, an excellent account of the very difficult questions that individuals and public officials face in the aftermath of disaster. See After the Flood CO Making Tough Decisions. Some excerpts follow:

The state of Colorado faces an even larger task – restoring access to isolated ommunities. Some 200 miles of state highways and about 50 state-maintained
bridges have been severely damaged or wiped out, many in challenging mountain terrain. It’s a daunting undertaking that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and will involve competing goals of speed, economy, and disaster mitigation and planning.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), who has said he wants to rebuild “stronger,” has set a Dec. 1 deadline for rebuilding as much as possible, before winter sets in. Overall, though, the process will take years.

No doubt many decisions will be tough, although there could be an upside.

Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.

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