Believe it or not — reaction to new FEMA IG report

A new report was issued today by the Inspector General of FEMA; it is titled  FEMA’s Initial Response in NY to Hurricane Sandy. It is 15 pages long.

What I find odd is the report is that for every aspect of the response it addressed, the author(s) said things went well. No criticisms or suggestions are offered; and no recommendation were made at the end. This strikes me as quite extraordinary in that Sandy was a massive storm and caused immense devastation in several states.

Another reason I find this report baffling, is that FEMA’s own Hurricane Sandy After Action Report, which I reported on in August 2013, was more candid about what went right and what did not.

Now, granted that the FEMA staffers worked long and hard on H. Sandy response, but I know from conversations with several people who were in the field, that not everything went well. And I know from writing this blog, that Reservists and FEMA Corps workers were not universally happy.

Please read the report and send in your comments.

1 thought on “Believe it or not — reaction to new FEMA IG report

  1. The Diva has been getting comments on this posting, but not for attribution. They include:

    “The IG is not a junk yard dog.”

    “They must have been at a different disaster than I was.”

    Some experienced DAEs who worked the disaster say that FEMA’s mitigation focus and attention wwere poor at best.

    So far, I have not had any support for the “nothing could be improved” perspective.

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