Extreme Weather in Washington, DC region – updated

Just in case people might thing extreme weather is something that happens to others, here in the metro Washington, DC area we are getting a major slow/sleet/ice storm right now. Mid-morning from the Wash Post, this account of our extreme weather event. Plus more wicked weather is coming in the next 24 hours.

This is cute, local nickname for the storm is Snochi! And the new motto for DC: “Keep Calm and Cancel Everything.”

Last I heard, 22 states — from Louisiana to Maine — are under winter advisories. And about 1/3 of the population of the country is affected.

I would not call it catastrophic, however. Some many activities have been called off, there is virtually no traffic and most people are staying in as told — as far as I can tell from local news.

“Widespread and extended power outages are likely as ice accumulates on trees and power lines and brings them down,” the warning says. “Please prepare to be without power in some locations for days and perhaps as long as a week.”

FEMA is “leaning forward” for this storm and a couple of states declared an emergency before the storm hit. See: FEMA Closely Coordinates with States in Path of Major Winter Storm; Residents Urged to Prepare and Stay Informed. FEMA said:

Leave it to the Wall St. Journal to examine the Economics of Snow. Here is the lead in to the article:

Economic research looking at weather shows that extreme cold can increase mortality, reduce spending on food among the poor, increase spending on food among the rich and boost sales of sport-utility vehicles. Parents can rest easy: school snow days don’t have much impact on educational achievement.

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