4th Anniversary for this blog

The company that hosts this blog, Word Press, informed me that this week marks the 4th anniversary of the creation of the name.  Also this week, the number of blog postings will reach 1,000.

If you like the blog, please help by sending in comments, suggestions for postings, flowers, money whatever!! Your comments and suggestions are invited.


5 thoughts on “4th Anniversary for this blog

  1. Claire —

    Congratulations on the 4th anniversary of the blog. It is key to keep me update with recovery issues. Thanks!

    I saw that you were looking for suggestions for postings. I would be willing to do a guest post for you about my recent trip to the Philippines to get citizens and emergency responders ready for unimaginable events. I call the process Heroic Improvisation.

    Jude might have told you that I resigned from FEMA in September 2013 to work on Heroic Improvisation full-time.

    (More on Heroic Improvisation here: www.heroic-improv.com)

    I just got back from a three-week trip to the Philippines to pilot the Heroic Improvisation workshop with Filipino partners.

    We brought the workshop to 12 communities — ranging from the elite emergency response team in the Philippines to recent survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. The workshop exceeded our expectations of how finding a fun way to prepare for unimaginable event can help communities.

    My partner — Gabe Mercado — and I were interviewed for 15 minutes on the equivalent of Good Morning America in the Philippines. More at this link: https://anc.yahoo.com/video/heroic-improvisation-having-fun-while-040204960.html

    Again, thanks for filling the critical gap in documenting recovery issues. It is important to help build back resilient communities.


    Mary Tyszkiewicz Mary Tyszkiewicz, PhD

    (SAY: Tiz KEV itch)


    240-277-3357 (call or text: not a smart phone) Ask me bringing Heroic Improvisation to the Philippines in February 2014!


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