The Climate Data Initiative of the White House

See the details of the initiative and the plan for implementation, from this posting at the HSDL:
Climate Data Initiative: Delivering on Climate Action Plan Commitments

Some details:

The Obama administration plans to release vast quantities of federal data to help communities prepare for mounting risks from global warming.

The newly launched Climate Data Initiative will include a clearinghouse website with data from NOAA, NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey and Defense Department, among other agencies.

According to this White House fact sheet, the site aims to make “federal data about our climate more open, accessible, and useful to citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.”

The early focus will be on coastal flooding and sea-level rise. For example, the data sets released Wednesday include mapping information about hundreds of thousands of roads, bridges, tunnels and canals. Later data will take aim at cutting risks human health, energy infrastructure and the food supply.

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