“Canada Not Prepared for Natural Disasters” – new reports

Two recent reports have been critical of the readiness of Canada for major natural disasters. See this article re Canada not prepared for natural disasters, say top insurance execs – according to the article:

Canada is doing little to anticipate risks of extreme weather and this inaction will cost us severely when disaster eventually strikes, said Canadian insurance executives during the Globe conference on environmental business and sustainability held in Vancouver.

Mary Lou O’Reilly, senior vice president of issues management and communications with Insurance Bureau of Canada called for action to prepare for the coming storms in Canada.

“For a long time we lived impervious to severe weather but the fact of the matter is that the story has changed,” said O’Reilly, noting last summer’s devastating floods in Alberta and ice storms crippling Toronto this winter.

Another recent report, by the auditor in British Columbia, was critical of the province’s Catastrophic Earthquake Preparedness. Direct URL for that report (44 pp)  is here.


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