Resilient Cities Report – 3 Canadian Cities Top the List

Article in the Guardian about the report titled Resilient Urban Form and Governance Report.
The link to the full report, which is 122 pages, is here.  From the lead in:

The three most resilient cities? They’re all in Canada. Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary top a new report measuring the least vulnerable and most adaptive cities on the planet – while the high-growth cities of the Bric nations teeter precariously on the edge of danger

Thanks to Ashutosh Madhukar for the link.  [You have to love the Internet: a gentleman in India reading the online version of the Guardian (UK), finds an article highlighting Canadian cities and sends it to U.S.- based blog!]

QUESTION TO READERS:  The Diva has not yet had time to read this full report, but she is puzzled by the apparent conflict – 3 Canadian cities rank high on resilience, but just two weeks ago (April 1) this blog cited two reports lamenting the state of Canadian preparedness and readiness for natural disasters. Does anyone have an explanation?

2 thoughts on “Resilient Cities Report – 3 Canadian Cities Top the List

  1. Hello Claire,
    Your question prompted me to read some of the report.
    It appears that the paper is discussing urban form and urban resilience from a social science perspective.
    We have run into the familiar trap where we, as emergency/disaster thinkers, use a similar vocabulary to other researchers, but ascribe very different meanings to the words we use.

    When we separate out the two conversations, Toronto and Vancouver may be nicer places to live (resilient urban forms) but need not have any effective preparedness for the disasters which keep us awake at night. I would not wish to suggest that their lack of readiness and resilience in our terms is actually the case.
    We here in Christchurch thought we were fairly well prepared in terms of readiness and resilience to disasters, until the earth shook, as you well know.
    Regards, John Coleman

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