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The Diva is working with some local emergency management officials re the interaction of  local houses of worship with their local community. She is in the process of working up a website devoted to Disasters and Faith-Based Organizations. At the present time, it is easier to find information about guidance to houses of worship about what they should do, rather than case examples of what they have done during and after a disaster. I would appreciate feedback on your interest such a website.

More specifically, I would appreciate any information and documented examples of any projects or programs that specifically address faith- based organizations providing services and resources to their community after disaster and on normal days. And is there any information about the costs of such efforts, or what they anticipate the costs might be?

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14 Responses to Information Request

  1. Emily Meyer says:

    Jody Hill with Florida Interfaith Networking in Disasters is a wealth of specific information

  2. Stephanie says:

    Here are several resources from the Homeland Security Digital Library that might be useful. Login is required to access them on our site, however all but one are available on the web as well:

    Faith-Based and Community Organizations’ Participation in Emergency Preparedness and Response Activities (2010)
    by Pamela Joshi; Institute for Homeland Security Solutions

    Faithful Action: Working with Religious Groups in Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery (2012)
    by Hebah Farrag, Brie Loskota, Richard W. Flory; University of Southern California. Center for Religion and Civic Culture

    Heralding Unheard Voices: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations During Disasters (2006)
    Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute

    Response of Faith-Based Organizations in New York City Following the World Trade Center Attacks on September 11, 2001 (2002)
    by Jeanette Sutton; University of Colorado, Boulder. Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center

    Survivors’ Perceptions of Federal, Non-Governmental, and Faith-Based Responses to Hurricane Katrina (2007)
    by Megan Reid; University of Texas at Austin

  3. George Barnette says:

    I’m a district disaster response coordinator for the United Methodist Church, and have experience with other entities in the disaster response field. I’ve encountered the whole spectrum of denominational and local church responses to disasters, both their own and those of others, from taking the lead to being a bystander, from highly successful to ineffective. Tell me what you’d most like and I’ll see what I can offer you.

    • recoverydiva says:

      We are particularly interested in the real costs to the local church, and perhaps to its national organization, to augment or meet unmet needs.
      CORRECTION: please contact me directly — cbrubin 1 at verizon dot net.

      Many thanks.

  4. Claire:-

    Probably should check in with Brenda Phillips at UArk [I think] re SE PA Methodist’s efforts after Katrina.

  5. Linda Noson says:

    In Missoula, Montana there is a group called the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative that has a number of on-going projects, including hunger, homeless, and sexual assault:

  6. Anna Warwick Sears says:

    Hi Claire, You may already know about them, but try Googling “Christian Disaster Response.” Also, my brother in law has been involved with various relief efforts through Catholic Charities, and they seems to have lots of info on the web.

  7. Barnes, Joshua says:

    There is an interesting example of a faith-based economic development organization in Brooklyn. They responded quickly to the business needs in their community following Sandy.

    Rev Yolanda D Brown
    Minister of Economic Development
    646 943 1331
    Rev Yolanda D Brown

    Joshua Barnes
    US Economic Development Administration

  8. phelandrtom says:

    Check with the Faith-based Caucus at IAEM.

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