Post-Sandy Recovery in NY and NJ Criticized

I cannot verify the claims of this article, because it would take a great deal of on-site investigation that I am unable to do.  I have in fact talked to government officials, such as congressional committee, GAO, and CRS staffers about the need for a full scale evaluation of the large federal investment in H.Sandy recovery.

The other important aspect of this story is the interaction with and handoff to states by the federal government in the long-term recovery period.  This too needs to be studied and case example documented.

See this article: 18 months after Sandy, FEMA aid ends without states stepping up.  Some excerpts:

A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York metropolitan area, destroying tens of thousands of homes, Barbara Vahey is stuck between a rock and a hard place. More specifically, she’s stuck in a funding gap between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the bureaucratic black hole of local housing recovery programs.

Vahey isn’t alone. She’s one of 1,300 New York and New Jersey families who until May 1 had been relying on FEMA rental assistance to get them through the last 18 months as they rebuilt their houses or found alternative living arrangements.

In theory, those 18 months should have been enough — FEMA’s programs are designed to hold people over until state- and city-level programs kick in. But housing advocates say that New York’s and New Jersey’s programs have been poorly managed and mired in red tape, leaving people like Vahey without enough money to rebuild their own houses or find a new one.


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