“Environment and Humanitarian Action”

An article on the Humanitarian Practice Network web site on the new report Environment and Humanitarian Action: increasing effectiveness, sustainability, and accountability – published by the UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit, can be found at http://www.odihpn.org/the-humanitarian-space/news/announcements/blog-articles/shaping-the-future-of-aid-effectiveness-by-mainstreaming-environmental-sustainability.

 “… [there is a] … lack of system-wide accountability and responsibility. The fact that environment is everybody’s responsibility, while at the same time nobody is being held accountable, has resulted in the “tragedy of the commons” of the humanitarian sector. Humanitarian partners have to date failed to operationalise environment as a cross-cutting issue within the global humanitarian architecture and no agency has the mandate to enforce the principles of environmental mainstreaming.”

“… in order to effectively mainstream environment at system and field levels, the study paves the way towards translating the concept of environmental mainstreaming into clearly defined actions, both at the policy and field level. A two-tier method is proposed: at the systematic level, integrating environment into existing tools and processes…..

“… good environmental donorship is a required and fundamental component of future fit humanitarian action. Donors have a unique opportunity to lead by example and ensure that the environment is an integral part of their decision-making processes in allocating humanitarian funding. However, the study identifies a chronic lack of funding for environment in humanitarian actions.

Thanks to Charles Kelly for the citation.

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