Resilience Infographic – from RAND

For those readers who like infographics, here is a new one on resilience. [NOTE: It prints out best in landscape mode.]

My personal take is to disagree with the box that compares the resilience and preparedness approaches. I welcome your comments.

Thanks to Chris Jones for sending me the direct link. Chris noted:

Infographics make things clear,
so Claire’s readers hold them dear.
A picture provides,
a simple guide,
so to truth, we can get near.

2 thoughts on “Resilience Infographic – from RAND

  1. In the literature of urban planning and sustainability there are valid distinctions between preparedness and resilience. Both are valuable. The Rand graphic is flawed. Mitigation can lead to higher resilience. When mitigation is timid or underfunded, preparedness is the next best thing. There are sound reasons why resilience is preferred over preparedness but it’s not about short-range or long-range, nor is it about government versus community. By definition, government is how a community organizes to pay for things together. Mitigation is a together thing.

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