National Protection Framework

National Protection Framework Released.

The National Planning Frameworks consists of five separate documents that describe how the whole community works together in preparedness, response and recovery to become a secure and resilient nation. They are the cornerstone for the implementation of Presidential Policy Directive / PPD-8: National Preparedness. The National Protection Framework was the last to be released; it describes what the whole community should do to safeguard against acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other threats or hazards. It describes the core capabilities; roles and responsibilities; and coordinating structures that facilitate the protection of individuals, communities, and the Nation.

2 thoughts on “National Protection Framework

  1. Actually they did, but I have been bogged down trying to figure out the GAO and OIG reports.

    Too many things to read and cite these days for this blogger! Always glad to have suggestion and help from readers. If you would like to summarize and/or comment on those two docs, I would be glad to feature you as a guest blogger.


  2. I appreciate your efforts flagging media, reports, etc regarding recovery progress! I have been a bit surprised that the 2014 National Preparedness Report and release of the Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plans didn’t cross your desk yet. There are some pretty interesting nuggets in those that might be worth your read.



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