“Living With Water” – new report from ULI/Boston

From the Urban Land Institute, Boston chapter, a new report titled
The Urban Implications of Living With Water; report is 52 pages.

From the Executive Summary:

How does one protect and enhance the value of a real estate asset, community, and infrastructure as the climate changes and sea levels rise?
Building on the climate preparedness work done for the Mayor of Boston’s Green Ribbon Commission, ULI Boston’s“The Urban Implications of Living with Water” charrette was convened as an opportunity to explore resilient design solutionsfor development in the region. The charrette explored how to help land owners, developers, designers, and public officialsact to protect their assets and communities from the risks associated with sea level rise and climate change

2 thoughts on ““Living With Water” – new report from ULI/Boston

  1. This is an extremely easy-to-read and insightful report which really expresses thoughts well outside the box about dealing with both climate change and sea level rise. The beautifully done illustrations especially the one on Venice like Canals in Boston’s Back Bay captured the imagination of a whole news cycle: front page news in all the major Boston papers and discussions on TV which brought home the realities of sea level rise and the effect on Coastal Communities.It includes comments on “Standard of Care” and the limitations of FEMA 1% or 100 year flood elevations which NHMA has been promoting. The folks at the Urban Land Institute who produced the report have indicated that it is the beginning of a major effort involving business, industry, the development community and government.
    I personally plan to work to support this important effort and urge others to do likewise.
    Ed Thomas

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