Archive for EM Forum

For those of you familiar with the excellent series of  presentations and discussions that the provided, the historic archive for that service is now available on the website of the Quarantelli Collection at the Disaster Research Center, Univ. of DE.

As noted by one of the co-producers, Avagene Moore,

The Archive is a valuable tool as proven by the thousands of downloads and many personal testimonies of practitioners in diverse disciplines. We are grateful to the DRC and extremely pleased that this resource will be accessible to all interested persons for the foreseeable future.

As stated by Dr. James Kendra, Director, and Patricia Young, Resource Collection Coordinator, of the Disaster Research Center:

The Disaster Research Center is very grateful to Avagene Moore for reaching out to us to suggest this perfect partnership. We are also grateful to Amy Sebring for all of the behind the scenes work that she did to ensure that the EMForum  archive was in such excellent shape when turned over to our guardianship. The DRC welcomes this wonderful opportunity to further enhance what is already widely recognized as a premiere collection of information on the social science aspects of disasters by adding this stellar and eclectic collection of presentations that span EIIP’s 17 year history. We appreciate our role as custodians of this collection and we look forward to the new connections with the emergency management community that it will foster.

In the archive you will find additional background information regarding DRC’s partnership with the EIIP and a link to the full collection of transcripts and recordings.

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