DHS Morale Sinks Again – Oct. 13

From the WashPost today:  DHS morale sinks further despite new leadership at the top, survey shows.  Some key points:

While the survey shows that the vast majority of DHS employees are hard-working and dedicated to their mission to protect the homeland, many say the department discourages innovation, treats employees in an arbitrary fashion and fails to recruit skilled personnel. [emphasis added]

Over the past four years, employees have left DHS at a rate nearly twice as fast as for the federal government overall, according to a review of a federal database.

I find it really sad that the organizational home for emergency management at the national level is in a department that is so troubled.  So many dedicated and hard-working people want to be part of the EM field but the work environment is not efficient, effective, or supportive.

I try, and urge others to do so to, not to blame FEMA personnel for the organizational and structural disfunction of their employer.


2 thoughts on “DHS Morale Sinks Again – Oct. 13

  1. It is sad Claire. There are some very good people there, too, trying to do some good things. I’ve seen over the last few years that FEMA (granted, not necessarily a reflection of DHS as a whole) has been more responsive and more progressive than in the past. That said, even amongst many of these high performers, I’ve been told personally about their misgivings with the agency ( both FEMA and DHS). Most of the comments to me involved issues with leadership simply not treating staff well. The focus of the leadership seems to be mostly on the people above them with little proper attention paid to the organization below them. I feel that a lot of this has to do with the continued competition and internal strife within DHS.

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