A Critique of Free-Market or Ad Hoc Disaster Charities

Following the posting about problems at the Red Cross, here is another take on disaster charities.

The topic of free-market charities is not one I am familiar with, but this article in AlJazeera piqued my interest.  It is not written by an disaster expert, but probably someone who either experienced or watched the damage of H. Sandy first-hand.

See: The problem with free-market-based disaster relief;Two years after Superstorm Sandy, the non-profit industrial complex continues to rear its ugly head. An excerpt:

Aside from longstanding questions over how disaster aid is allocated and spent — public funds themselves being difficult to track — the management of privately managed donations raised a new set of questions. As bureaucratic and inefficient as a public response can be, placing money into private, philanthropist hands assures even less oversight and accountability. Robin Hood preaches something called “venture philanthropy, or charity that embraces free-market forces, to combat poverty.” Is it any wonder that a free-market-based approach to disaster recovery would gravitate towards aid money with scant, if any, oversight?

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