New Resources on Disaster Recovery Staffing

The Diva got a nice note from Jennifer Shafer. a staffer at LMI Research Institute, noting that she and her team are followers of this blog and calling my attention to two major new products they offer. A Disaster-Recovery-Brochure (2 pp) is available here. Here are more details that she supplied:

 We are pleased to announce two products, the Disaster Recovery Staffing Guide (24 pp)  and the Disaster Recovery Positions Library (104 pp) , are now publicly available for disaster recovery personnel. These products were developed as part LMI’s FY14 disaster recovery project, funded by the LMI Research Institute.

You can download the two products at LMI’s website. The Disaster Recovery Staffing Guide begins where the NDRF leaves off by outlining the process and practices to effectively staff community disaster recovery activities. It is paired with the Disaster Recovery Positions Library, which describes more than 50 positions that may be used to conduct the full range of local recovery activities. The guide and position descriptions are scalable (for the size of community and recovery effort) and designed for communities to use during proactive planning or post-disaster.

From a quick review of the materials, I think a lot of people engaged in recovery will be grateful for these guides. As always, comments from those of you who have worked disasters will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “New Resources on Disaster Recovery Staffing

  1. Claire,
    This is gold, particularly for those with recovery responsibilities at local government level (many of whom are only ‘part-time’ emergency managers and must juggle this role with other responsibilities).
    Dudley McArdle

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