New Climate Talks Ahead

From the NYTimes on Nov. 30th, Grim Reality Amid Optimism Ahead of Climate Talks. Excerpts from the article:

After more than two decades trying but failing to forge a global pact to halt climate change, United Nations negotiators gathering in South America this week are expressing a new optimism that they may finally achieve the elusive deal.

But underlying that optimism is a grim reality: No matter the outcome of the talks, experts caution, it probably will not be enough to stave off the increasingly significant, near-term impact of global warming.

For the next two weeks, thousands of diplomats from around the globe will gather in the desert metropolis of Lima, Peru, for a United Nations summit meeting to draft an agreement intended to stop the global rise of planet-warming greenhouse gas pollution.

2 thoughts on “New Climate Talks Ahead

    • Indeed, but that’s hardly because of the emissions expended throughout the process, but rather the consistent refusal of major developed countries like the U.S. to assume their appropriate share of the responsibility for climate change and its cost to mitigate and reverse – fueled in no small part by the inane and often well-funded climate change deniers abjectly ignorant or otherwise fundamentally dishonest statements to the American people.

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