Private Donations after H. Sandy

From the NJ Spotlight, an account of private donations and the means of acquiring them regarding H. Sandy recovery. See: Private Donations Fuel New Jersey’s Long-Term Recovery from Hurricane Sandy; Two years after the storm, a look at where the money went and what lessons we can learn. Some excerpts:

As might be expected with a recovery of this scale, however, it has been far from flawless. Some big charities had trouble delivering local services, there were delays in handing out the money, isolated instances of fraud, and concerns about funding not always going where donors had intended it to go. Experts say valuable lessons can be learned from the way private charities and foundations handled Sandy and other disasters and that we should make changes and improvements to ensure that future recoveries are dealt with in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Despite the difficulties, by all accounts, the aid from these groups has been instrumental in the recovery, so some are worried that the funding is now running out, even though great needs remain. As is typical of large-scale disasters, donor enthusiasm has largely dried up now that Sandy has faded from the headlines, leaving nonprofits scrambling to figure out how to continue their important work.

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