Recovery – in war and in peacetime

From the Washington Post: Islamic State Is Failing at Being a State. We have seen this before: in the West Bank, Gaza, and many other places. After wholesale destruction – whether from a disaster or from war or civil conflict – the recovery process is very difficult to accomplish. And the governance issues are primary. Being able to provide and maintain municipal systems and services – – especially if they are done equitably, efficiently, and effectively —  is not as easy as many people think.

Back in August of this year, I provided a posting about the rebuilding of Gaza, which cited 3 articles on the topic. You can see that posting via this link.

Not much has been published in recent months about Gaza, but this past week (Dec. 25), the Guardian (UK) published an article about the reconstruction progress in Gaza. And the news is not good. See: Corruption hampers effort to rebuild Gaza after summer conflict; Coupon plan fails to stop black market in cement, while too few materials are making it across border into strip

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