New Report on Recovery from the APA

Check out this site for information about a long-awaited recovery report from the American Planning Association. The title is Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation; 205 pp.   You can download it or order a hard copy.

Note: this is a really important document.  It has been in the works for years and it was written by several national experts.  Also, the APA website has a number of supporting and supplement files related to the report.

The Diva now has a hard copy and thinks it is an excellent basic reference for all concerned with recovery. And she recommends it for a textbook for recovery courses and training programs.

1 thought on “New Report on Recovery from the APA

  1. Thank you, Diva, for your tireless work. Every morning I see in my in box that you have been working all night to bring us the best and most important information. And thanks to APA for this great advance in recovery planning. Diva, when you review, maybe you can fill us in on how this report works with the previous APA works on recovery — all groundbreaking work. Cheers!

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