Better Pet Disaster Relief – by the Red Cross

Red Cross trailer would serve stranded animals in disasters

The American Red Cross wants to make sure pets don’t get stranded if the New York area goes through another disaster like Superstorm Sandy.

The Red Cross and the Westminster Kennel Club unveiled a trailer Saturday that would make it easier to rescue animals in the aftermath of tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other natural or civil disasters.

3 thoughts on “Better Pet Disaster Relief – by the Red Cross

  1. A potential problem is that in the aftermath of disasters, which according to this article is when this trailer goes into service, many if not most public transportation systems are barely functional, if at all. Because of you know, the disaster. These systems haven’t been designed with disasters in mind.

    A lot of neighborhoods couldn’t count on a flooded subway in the aftermath of Sandy, as can’t a lot of places around Boston count on the T today.

  2. I much prefer the approach taken by Charleston, SC. The local public transit authority has carriers for pets. Those who need help can call the authority who will work with them to get both them and their pets out of harm’s way. Does NYC have anything like that?

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