DHS Left in Limbo by GOP

There is no explaining the stupidity and fecklessness of Congress.  The Republican-led Congress went on vacation without dealing with the budget for the Dept. of Homeland Security.  See: Republicans: We will get blamed for DHS shutdown.

The agency’s budget runs out at the end of this month.

2 thoughts on “DHS Left in Limbo by GOP

  1. I disagree. There’s not the slightest equivalency between the two parties on the issue of compromise. Today’s Democratic party is all but unrecognizable as such, by traditional democratic standards and values – they’ve had to move so far to the right to attempt to accomplish pretty much anything with a Republican party that is not only even more unrecognizable as their traditional predecessors, but seemingly ever less even in touch with reality. It’s hard to reason with people who basically 1) don’t even believe in science much less, god forbid, evidence-based analysis and policy, 2) aren’t really interested in any public issue or problem that doesn’t have a military solution (unless it can be privatized, which apparently almost anything can be), and 3) have been in the business of baselessly demonizing “government” and almost anything that government has or might properly do in the public interest for so long now they can’t actually seriously work with democrats around any major issue at this point because they’ll look like complete traitors to their ever-more wild, glassy-eyed constituents.

    This has created many problems for our country, and by extension the world, but one of the most important as well as relevant for this blog is the slow-motion about face that we’ve taken over the last decade as a nation around any serious advancement of the goals of hazard mitigation and disaster risk reduction, and building more disaster resilient communities overall. Funding fights are just the tip of that iceberg, to my mind. I think the real issue is the growing militarization of emergency and disaster management over this same time frame. In all honesty, I think the DHS as an administrative entity could disappear tomorrow and we would all be better off for it – especially FEMA.

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