1 thought on “Power Grid Security

  1. Your [legion of] readers might be interested in a new facility developed by Clemson University (with strong support from DOE’s Savannah River National Lab) in North Charleston, SC. It has some of the best capabilities in the world for testing the resilience of the power grid to real-world shocks [pardon the pun]. See http://newsstand.clemson.edu/mediarelations/watch-live-clemson-dedicates-one-of-a-kind-energy-systems-research-and-testing-facility/. Their eGrid was originally designed for testing of wind turbine components. It is now a multi-functional facility able to test the robustness of individual hardware components as well as an entire power system to possible upsets. Duke Energy and South Carolina Electric and Gas are the primary sponsors. If you’re in the area worth a visit (and essentially next door to the CSS Hunley – the first sort of successful submarine).

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