Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – 5 years later

Some recent takes on the aftermath of the BP Oil spill:

From the Economist magazine, their account of what has been learned in the past five years.

From the Huffington Post: Deepwater Disaster: Five Years On

Five years after the BP blowout that killed 11 workers and dumped millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration has proposed exposing Atlantic and Arctic waters to the risk of a similar disaster. Under a proposal by the Obama administration, oil and gas activity could begin in those waters as early as 2017. That would take us in exactly the wrong direction, exposing these waters to the risk of a catastrophic spill, expanding an inherently hazardous industrial operation at sea and locking the next generation into mountains more of the dangerous carbon pollution that’s driving climate change. It’s time to turn this ship around — before it’s too late.

And from Bloomberg: The BP oil spill cleanup isn’t a disaster.

A more dispassionate account of the spill’s legacy would emphasize several contrasting but not contradictory realities. Independent investigations and court rulings have blamed the intertwined negligence of BP and its contractors, Transocean and Halliburton, for the debacle, which killed 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon rig. A federal judge found that the spill released 3.19 million barrels of crude. The corporate actors—chiefly BP, the majority owner of Macondo—deserved condemnation and got it. Yet as bad as the environmental and economic damage

From CNN: What We Still Do not Know About the BP Oil Spill.

4 thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – 5 years later

  1. No matter how big the disaster, lawyers can make it worse…

    It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry when I hear the victimology meme sounded for Mother Nature while yesterday I saw her force unleashed in severe storms and a possible tornado that hit my town. Like you, Claire, Mother Nature is a tough old bird – and much more resilient than she’s given credit for.

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