More News re Recovery in Christchurch, NZ

Our Guest blogger today is John Coleman, who is from Christchurch, NZ

I found this article an interesting comparison – Different Approaches to Earthquake Recovery.

We have 2 Cathedrals in Christchurch. The Anglican one in the Square, the fate of which is still a subject of much controversy. The second, which is locally known as the Catholic Basilica is on the south east of the central city was also substantially damaged. The church leaders have just announced their conservation plans for the Basilica, which sounds a lot like the way Coventry cathedral was managed.

One of our difficulties here is that the Civil Defence Controller has almost absolute authority in the immediate response and demolition of any building is likely (and did) occur in the heat of the moment.

I find it fascinating to walk around Europe, especially Brussels, and look at all the old buildings, many of which, like those in Aquila, have been rebuilt several times.

We, here, have neither the resources nor the will to do the same.


John Coleman is the Emergency Planning Co-ordinator in the South Island Alliance Programme Office, located in Christchurch. Contact Info:

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One Response to More News re Recovery in Christchurch, NZ

  1. Susan Davie says:

    Thanks for the guest blog John. It is so interesting to read about different approaches to recovery. It’s hard to imagine a 50 year rebuild when you live in a country that has been settled by white people for just over 200 years! It really puts perspective on how long emergency recovery really takes.
    Susan Davie
    Melbourne, Australia

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