FEMA Promising Practice Webinar – July 9, 2015

“FEMA Promising Practice: Overnight Shelter Experiences”
July 9, 2015

The archive of this Webinar, including handouts, transcripts and recordings, is available at http://adapresentations.org/webinar.php?id=23.

This 90-minute webinar hosted by the ADA National Network/FEMA Webinar Series will highlight the Overnight Shelter Exercise with the Disability Community. Reasons for the exercises is typically the lack of appropriate and accessible services in shelters as one in five people encountered during any disaster will have a disability or about 56.7 million people, approximately 19 percent of the population. Many first responders lack familiarity and working knowledge they require to successfully integrate all members of the community in all aspects of the work they do. Participants will learn how to plan an overnight exercise with the disability community, hear about the challenges encountered in the process and learn how to overcome them.

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