Red Cross is in the Spotlight Again

Once again, ProPublica has an article dealing with the Red Cross: Red Cross CEO Tried to Kill Government Investigation

Despite public vows of transparency, CEO Gail McGovern lobbied a congressman to spike an inquiry by the Government Accountability Office.

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4 Responses to Red Cross is in the Spotlight Again

  1. Disappointing to hear this is how the Red Cross chooses to handle the GAO matter….but it does not surprise me as it is consistent with both previous events and my own experiences with how ARC responds to criticism….

    • recoverydiva says:

      Several people who work for the Red Cross have commented to me that the organization does have major management problems. I do hope they deal with them so their reputation can be restored from its tarnished state.

  2. ericholdeman says:

    Thanks Claire. I am thinking about doing an op-ed on the ARC.


  3. Lee gramas says:

    The provocative headlines are getting tiresome. I am sad that Pro Publica has entered the entertainment business instead of unbiased and grounded information.

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