The High Cost of Disaster Recovery – Federal Outlay Data

Federal outlays are just one component of the total expenditure on disaster recovery, but here are some recent totals: U.S. Disaster Recovery 10 Year Bill $300 Billion. A few details:

Disaster recovery just from extreme weather and wildfires cost American taxpayers $300 billion in the past decade, the White House’s former “resilience” specialist told the general session of the 29th annual Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference.

“That is just what Uncle Sam spent,” Josh Sawislak told the conference. He said the figure doesn’t count billions in insured and uninsured losses by individuals, businesses and local governments. Nearly half of that was just from 2011 to 2013.

1 thought on “The High Cost of Disaster Recovery – Federal Outlay Data

  1. Put into perspective: Defense budget alone, is ten times greater not including recent wars.Still a lot of money but around 5% of defense spending

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