Factors Contributing to Costly Wildfires

‘Monster’ wildfire season grips west coast residents with fears of future devastation. Cindered homes and blackened trees illustrate a bleak portrait of summer in Oregon, as longer, more expansive fires become annual national emergency

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One Response to Factors Contributing to Costly Wildfires

  1. Not clear to me that we are experiencing more wildfires but certainly we are experiencing more wildfire damage. Looking at the pictures, what is clear is that the destroyed homes were built too close to vegetation. We’re simply not building with the fire hazard in mind. A great example: If you drive among the beautiful (and expensive – $1 M!) homes in the hills above Park City, UT, you’ll find trees within a meter of a wall, branches overhanging the roof, and flammable building materials. Sadly, as usual, the fault’s not in our stars – nor our CO2 – but in ourselves.

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