Oversight of the Red Cross Recommended by GAO

One again ProPublica is writing about the Red Cross. This time they are referencing the recent GAO report. See article here: American Red Cross Sunshine Act’ Would Open Charity to Outside Scrutiny

Federal legislation is being unveiled today that would force the American Red Cross to do something that it has repeatedly resisted: open its books and operations to outside scrutiny.

The proposed American Red Cross Sunshine Act comes in response to a government report, also being released today, that finds oversight of the charity lacking and recommends Congress find a way to fill the gap.

Though the Red Cross has a government-mandated role responding to disasters, “no regular, independent evaluations are conducted of the impact or effectiveness of the Red Cross’s disaster services,” the GAO report found. The inquiry cites reporting by ProPublica and NPR about the Red Cross’ failures during Superstorm Sandy and misleading statements by CEO Gail McGovern about how the group has spent hundreds of millions of donated dollars.

The GAO report is titled American Red Cross: Disaster Assistance Would Benefit from Oversight through Regular Federal Evaluation.  The Diva thought it provided an interesting account of the special characteristics of the Red Cross and it relationship with FEMA.

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