Shipping Container Buildings

I have covered this topic before, but just this week in a conversation about how to quickly create shelter for large numbers of refugees the topic came up again. See this WashPost article: Is shipping-container building ‘the best thing since the brick?’

Here is a link to the earlier posting ( Nov. 2012) about the use of shipping containers for emergency shelters.

Update: one more article from the Guardian on October 9: Living in Steel Box Shipping Containers.

It does seem like a possible solution for sheltering large numbers of migrants temporarily.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Container Buildings

  1. I’ve been pitching this idea professionally to FEMA for 15 years. A modular system that would snap together like Lego blocks. It would build an apartment building. Apartments are always the first thing you need after a disaster. If I could download the paper I would.

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