2 thoughts on “Americans Increase Belief in Climate Science

  1. Energy prices in the Northeast are projected to be lower this winter, including both oil and gas. Probably just one more point that on the big picture re energy prices they are likely not to skyrocket in the medium to long term future (the short term future is obviously more volatile), which also will probably mean that your predicted backlash against climate predictions likely won’t occur. Fracking and new gas reserves, along with renewables increasingly becoming cheaper rather than more expensive as technology improves, won’t result in such high energy rates that they generate some sort of backlash outside of the right-leaning media. Apologies that you will be wrong on both the long term science and politics.

  2. It will be interesting to see how evanescent these results are. The President’s Clean Power Plan is very likely to drive energy prices up. Solar may be “popular,” but there is a law of diminishing returns involved. If solar goes much above 20% of our electric mix, the costs of accommodating its intermittency on the grid start skyrocketing.

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