Stack Housing After a Disaster in Urban Area

New York City Tests Post-Disaster Housing That Stacks Up. Some excerpts:

For the past eight years, long before Hurricane Sandy did more than $70 billion in damage to the region, the city has been diligently developing what it calls urban post-disaster housing, with financing from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Though still in the prototype phase, the hope is that it could someday shelter residents for months, or even years, as they await reconstruction of their homes.

Think of it as a Lego version of the FEMA trailer, designed for a city of rowhouses and apartment towers, where people are in abundance and space is not.

3 thoughts on “Stack Housing After a Disaster in Urban Area

  1. NYC urban disaster housing is a nice product. NYC put a lot of thought into the units and they reflect that. The real question is whether the community embraces a permanent housing solution or just a better temporary product. If society wants a better temporary product, it could require a interim housing solution between the congregate shelter phase and the “better temporary phase” because as a nation, we are unlikely to buy and maintain a sufficient inventory of temporary housing to meet any significant demand.

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