New NOAA Report on Climate Change Effects

New report from NOAA finds human-caused climate change increased the severity of many extreme events in 2014.

One quote from the NOAA article:

In this year’s report, 32 groups of scientists from around the world investigate 28 individual extreme events in 2014 and break out various factors that led to the extreme events, including the degree to which natural variability and human-induced climate change played a role. When human influence for an event cannot be conclusively identified with the scientific tools available today, this means that if there is a human contribution, it cannot be distinguished from natural climate variability.

Here is a take on the same report from the NY Times.

1 thought on “New NOAA Report on Climate Change Effects

  1. An interesting compilation. I’m glad that someone finally got around to recognizing that human contributions to extreme events often are more likely geography-specific “bad acts” (e.g., extensive development in the wrong places) rather than nebulous allegations that “fossil fuels are to blame.”

    I also got a chuckle out of the Antarctic piece – scientists are all over the map about what the actual extent of the ice mass is, let alone what the trend in the ice mass is. I’m afraid attribution “science” is still mostly a craft, and one not practiced very artfully as yet!

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