Articles on Recovery from NZ Journal

From the Royal Society of NZ, a set of new papers on recovery in this Special Issue on Recovery.  Guest editors: Bruce Glavovic, David Johnston and Ruth McManus. The new issue contains the following articles:

  • Contested meanings of recovery: a critical exploration of the Canterbury earthquakes–voices from the social sciences;
  • Ngā Mōwaho: an analysis of Māori responses to the Christchurch earthquakes;
  • Clergy views on their role in city resilience: lessons from the Canterbury earthquakes;
  • Children with disabilities and disaster preparedness: a case study of Christchurch;
  • Disaster impact and recovery: what children and young people can tell us;
  • Rolling with the shakes: an insight into teenagers’ perceptions of recovery after the Canterbury earthquakes;
  • Resilience? Contested meanings and experiences in post-disaster Christchurch, New Zealand;
  • Voices from the margins of recovery: relocated Cantabrians in Waikato ;
  • Use of domestic craft for meaning-making post-disaster; and
  • ‘The confidence to know I can survive’: resilience and recovery in post-quake Christchurch.


Many thanks to John Coleman of NZ for these citations.

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