Japan’s Emergency Management System

Thanks to the author, Prof. William Siembieda, for an advance look at one chapter of a new book.  It is Chapter 6: Japan’s Megadisaster Challenges: Crisis Management in the Modern Era, in F. Baldwin and A. Allison (Eds.) Japan: The Precarious Future (2015). New York: Social Science Research Council and NYU Press. [It costs $35. from the NYU Press; see details here. ]

Usually I only share information about documents available at no change, but this book chapter is of special interest and I recommend it. Not only does it cover the recovery efforts after the Sendai Earthquake and related disasters of March 2011, but is also analyses the national emergency management systems of Japan, NZ, and China to a limited extent.

For those in the US who wonder how recovery could be managed in ways other than the system set out in the National Disaster Recovery Framework, this chapter will give you some ideas.  The Diva has been told that there are few articles in English that explain how the Japanese systems of crisis management works at the national level. Another good reason why the chapter is worth reading.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to chat with the author, who also has done extensive research on recovery in NZ, you can reach him here.

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