Snow and Local Governance

From Politico, this analysis of why the small snow storm caused havoc in the DC metro area earlier this week. See DC’s Snow Disasters have Political Roots.

Don’t miss comment about local residents being intelligent, but self-serving, when it comes to failing to heed official warnings and recommendations!

Hopefully, when the predicted blizzard arrives later today, some lessons may have been learned by citizens and public officials.



In defense of the relative low level of experience and investment in Washington, DC. area see: It is totally rational to freak out about snow in Washington


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2 Responses to Snow and Local Governance

  1. recoverydiva says:

    DC, MD and VA all failed to pretreat the pavement before the storm. When the temps got below freezing and snow started, there was an icy layer under the 1-2 inches that fell. More than 750 accidents in the evening, 3 times the normal rate.

  2. ericholdeman says:

    Will read this one. I could not believe that for an inch of snow, anticipating the big one they failed!

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