Rebuilding Standards Questioned

What is more important — rebuilding quickly or rebuilding better?  See: The Economics of Rebuilding Stronger.


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3 Responses to Rebuilding Standards Questioned

  1. RDale says:

    I’m not sure I understand the concern… They are relaxing some of the requirements for the way the houses look (garage facing the street versus angled, siding versus paint, etc.) Why is that a concern to emergency management? Am I misreading the news?

    • recoverydiva says:

      I read it as a reduction in building standards that would result in a more vulnerable structure. If the changes are primarily cosmetic then they would not matter to the structural integrity.

      • RDale says:

        The “tone” reference doesn’t sound like an integrity issue. And the “for instances” mentioned clearly are cosmetic…

        “Recent updates to codes dealing with new residential construction don’t necessarily fit the tone of Rowlett’s older neighborhoods. For instance, the city now requires 100 percent masonry on single-family residential exteriors. And it has outlawed garages that face streets.”

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