Applying Artificial Intelligence to EM

From Govtech this article about AI; see; One Concern: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Emergency Management.

One Concern CEO and Co-Founder Ahmad Wani explains how cities can save lives during disasters by applying analytical disaster assessments and calculated damage estimates.

Note: the Diva is not in a position to either recommend the technology or the company, but just wants to share the news article with those who can do their own assessment.

One thought on “Applying Artificial Intelligence to EM

  1. Conceptually, this is similar to a program undertaken by Julij Jeraj in Ljubjana. JJ is the Energency Manager for the city. He worked with the University of L to develop similar tools but went quite a bit further than “One Concern” did. The following is the abstract of a brief paper on the Slovenian work – damned impressive! To my knowledge, the most comprehensive approach to earthquakes ever undertaken.

    Procedia Economics and Finance
    Volume 18, 2014, Pages 659–666

    Aspects of Earthquake Risk Management in Slovenia


    This article presents the collaboration of two inter-disciplinary research projects on earthquake risk management for Slovenia and its capital city Ljubljana. Seismic resistance, structural vulnerability and fundamental frequency assessments of individual buildings were made and, using data from the Real Estate and Central Population registers, scenarios for the impact of different earthquake intensities were constructed. In addition, four applications were developed: guidance on earthquake preparedness for the public; a web application for self-assessment of building vulnerability; a support system for earthquake damage inspection; and an early post-earthquake damage assessment tool for planning rescue operations.

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