Israel As Leader in Emergency Medical Care

See: How Israel Became a World Leader in Disaster Assistance, Emergency Medical Care

The source of this piece is The Tower, an organization I am not familiar with. I thought some of the descriptive details in the article were interesting, and I am concerned with leadership rankings in the field.

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3 thoughts on “Israel As Leader in Emergency Medical Care

  1. Thanks.

    And I just wanted to clarify that by “practicality,” I meant how those nuggets, ideas, practices, etc. can successfully be transferred to the American civilian world. It wasn’t a judgement on whether or not they worked well for Israel or our own military.

  2. A couple of things to remember:

    –Israel is a small country that requires military service from most of its citizens. So any excess medical capacity is easier to train, account for, track, and mobilize than DMAT teams in the U.S. where back fill and other issues of availability and mobilization are more difficult.

    –There is an over zealous proclivity to learning “Israeli lessons learned” without taking into account the differences of the larger situation. While their exposure to a much higher tempo of terrorist threat has certainly provided for a rich terrain of lessons learned, American audiences should remember the dramatic differences in both threat environment and physical size (as it relates to threat, logistics, capacity, etc.).

    –While often potential sources of good information and lessons learned, civilian audiences should always be ready to submit nuggets from Israel or even our own military to a sniff test of practicality.

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