Rising Sea Levels – focus on natural changes

From the Homeland Security New Wire, this article on possible natural changes that might occur: Up to 70 percent of Northeast U.S. coast likely to adapt to rising seas.

Much of the coast from Maine to Virginia is more likely to change than to simply drown in response to rising seas during the next seventy years or so, according to a new study led by the U.S. Geological Survey. The study is based on a new computer model that captures the potential of the Northeast coast to change, driven by geological and biological forces, in ways that will reshape coastal landscapes.

2 thoughts on “Rising Sea Levels – focus on natural changes

  1. This appears to be a valuable addition – and needed correction – to the sea level rise meme. Although the paper doesn’t consider how human communities will respond to the changes in the natural environment, it does indicate that they will have enough time to do so in a rational manner.

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