Canadian Oil-Sands Town on Fire

Update on May 6: Here is the website for the Alberta Province, which contains situation reports on the fired.  I just learned that 49 wildfires are burning in the province. that must be a record!

Update on May 5: Up to 90,000 evacuated from Fort McMurray; some ordered to move again as fire spreads

May 4: From the Washington Post today, this article: A Canadian oil-sands town is on fire; 80,000 residents must evacuate.

This quite a scary situation, with the number of people affected jumping significantly each day.  As of 3pm today, the entire town – 88,000 were ordered out. Where and how do you handle that many evacuees?

Here is another article, from the HuffPost Canada, on the fire.  The photos are quite dramatic. And it looks like a lot of spontaneous offers of help from residents outside the fire zone.

A provincial declaration was issued in early evening.



2 thoughts on “Canadian Oil-Sands Town on Fire

  1. I understand they are staying in the camps for the oil field workers. Tight quarters, but it’s a good thing they are there. The evacuation route south was blocked by fire, so they had to go north to the oil production area. There are facilities there and (importantly) air fields. There’s real concern for the well being of all those families (average age is 31), and there is a fair amount of worry about the risk of having one of the bitumen pits catch fire.

    • At least there are some sheltering options and the weather is relatively mild. Could be worse. But a very worrisome situation. The photos I have seen are very scary.

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