Bad News from Australia – Lay Offs of Climate Change Scientists

Sadly, this sounds like a case of Shooting the Messengers Who Bring Bad News.

From the NY times,  Australia to Lay Off Leading Scientist on Sea Levels

A pre-eminent scientist in the field of rising global sea levels has been given notice of his dismissal as part of deep cuts at Australia’s national science agency that will reduce the country’s role in global climate research.

The scientist, John Church, confirmed Tuesday that he was one of 275 scientists that the agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or Csiro, said would be laid off.

He said he had been informed that Csiro was “consolidating” the team studying the effects of sea level change and “ceasing work” on rising sea levels.

One thought on “Bad News from Australia – Lay Offs of Climate Change Scientists

  1. The layoffs are unfortunate primarily because they will impact Australia’s contributions to weather science and forecasting. I find Church’s somewhat ironic – the Australian political parties all accept sea level rise and climate change as fact, so they don’t need a lot of research telling them what they already “know.” Having been in John Church’s position (in another field) I sympathize with him, but government is in business to make these kinds of choices: pay for more research that will add at best a small increment to the knowledge base and have virtually no impact on policy OR use the money for some other pressing need.

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